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Co-Parenting Coaching

We support Co-Parents in fostering a healthy relationship with each other, because happy parents equal happy children.


*Includes 1:1 sessions, customized per client’s needs


Self-Care Coaching

We partner with our clients in creating a balanced lifestyle that prioritizes their health and happiness, because the most important relationship you have is with yourself.

*Includes 1:1 sessions, customized per client’s needs


Co-Parenting Group Sessions

Two hours virtual session to connect with other Co-Parents who struggle with balancing parenting and partnering with their ex. These sessions are designed to invite vulnerability into the space and allow participants to speak candidly about the breakdowns in their Co-Parenting journey and learn new tools.

Group Topics:


  • How can you partner with someone you don’t respect?

  • How can you partner with someone who made you lose your Self-worth?

  • How can you partner with someone that you dislike?

  • How can you partner with someone with toxic behavior?

  • How can I establish setting boundaries in Co-Parenting?  

  • What are your takeaways from this session and how do you plan on incorporating these tools in your life?



Co-Parenting Workshop

Four hours interactive and virtual workshop designed to establish how fostering a healthy Co-Parenting relationship can improve your well-being.

Workshop Module:

  • Acknowledgement in Co-Parenting

  • Setting boundaries in Co-Parenting

  • Bridging the Communication Gap in Co-Parenting

  • Transparency in Co-Parenting

  • Writing a letter to your ex

  • Building partnership in Co-Parenting

  • Rebuilding trust in Co-Parenting