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Helping You Move Forward

Hi! I am Lana Worrell, the Founder of Blossoming Metamorphosis and a Co-Parenting and Self-Care Coach.

For the past 15+ years I have been co-parenting and with my ex to raise our son. There was a period of my life when I was giving so much of myself to others and was focused on being the best mom, the best partner, and working full time, that I lost myself. I forgot about (Lana)!  One day I realized that not taking care of myself was impacting my son, and those around me… and that self - care isn’t SELFISH, it is a NECESSITY!

Today I am passionate about supporting moms with creating healthy Co-Parenting relationships while also creating a life where Self-Care and Self-Love is their number 1 priority. I believe practicing Self-Care is most valuable, because it teaches others how to treat you.

As a Co-Parenting Coach, I support moms with…

  • Fostering healthy relationships 

  • Transparency and communication

  • Partnership with boundaries

  • Allowing support in (not doing it alone)

  • Creating trusting relationships after a split

  • Community building

As a Self-Care Coach I support moms with…

  • Valuing themselves

  • Setting boundaries

  • Self-love

  • Well-being

  • Their relationship to support

My purpose is to provide service to moms so that they can experience a life of transformation so that their lives may Blossom.

My Story: About Me
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