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My Motherhood Journey......


I'm Lana Worrell, the founder of Blossoming Metamorphosis, a speaker, Co-Parenting and Self-Care Coach.

I became a mom in May of 2000 and really had no clue of what my motherhood journey would entail. After my son turned two, his dad and I decided to go our separate ways.

We knew nothing about co-parenting and raising a child in separate households. Throughout the years, his father and I learned there is no "one size fits all" approach to the dynamics of co-parenting. We both were determined to give our son the life he deserved in partnership which later developed into a lifelong friendship.


For many years, I poured all of my energy into mothering. There was a period of my life when I was giving so much of myself to others and was focused on being the best mom and working full time, that I lost myself; I forgot about (Lana). After a health scare, I knew I had to change who I was being. Realizing that I wasn’t a priority in my own life was a tough realization I had to face. During that time, I felt so alone, scared, embarrassed and stuck which impacted the relationship I had with my son.

After doing some soul searching, praying, lots of journaling and sharing my motherhood journey with the people I trusted, I began to look at life differently. Thereafter, I decided to be the best version of myself by my own standards. ​

Today I am passionate about supporting career moms who are overwhelmed and unsupported in their motherhood journey. I support moms with creating healthy, practical and productive co-parenting relationships while also creating a life where self-care is their number 1 priority. I believe the two can intertwine when applicable. Experiencing my clients transformational journey of breakdowns that became breakthroughs has been truly a gracious experience.

As a Co-Parenting Coach, I support career moms with…

·       Fostering healthy relationships 

·       Transparency and communication

·       Partnership with boundaries

·       Allowing support in (not doing it alone)

·       Respectfully creating trusting relationships  

·       Community building

As a Self-Care Coach, I support career moms with…

·       Valuing themselves

·       Setting boundaries

·       Self-love

·       Well-being

·       Their relationship to support (asking for help) 

My purpose is to create a safe space for moms so that they can experience a life full of possibilities and transformation so that their lives may blossom.

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